Monday, June 16, 2008

YEE HAW - Girl's Camp Is here!

Howdy everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts lately... BUT I undertook some huge projects! I thought I would share on of them with you! In my church I work with the Young Women (girls ages 12-18). Our girls are leaving for Girl's Camp tomorrow. They will be gone for a week. Originally I was hoping to go but I ended up not being able to. So I thought it would be fun to send the girls off with care packages to let them know how much we love them. And of course it was the perfect excuse to do some PAPERCRAFTING! Yee Haw!

So here are pictures of the final projects:

The theme for Young Women's Camp this year is "How the West was One"... So basically girl and western themed. I had so much fun creating with this theme. One of my favorite things were the cowprint treat bags I created with white lunch sacks.

I used some plain white lunch sacks that I bought at Target. I then cut out two different sizes (large and small)of cow blotches from some Cut-N- Dry stamp pad foam that I had. I just free handed it, no patterns needed.

Then I started by trying to use a freshly inked black stamp pad to stamp the blotches on with, but it really didn't get a dark enough image. So I switched to black acrylic paint. I just used a foam brush and brushed black acrylic paint onto my two stamps. I stamped it onto the white bag fronts, rotating the shape's orientation as I moved upward. After the front dried I flipped the bag over and stamped the back. The paper on the bags was really thin so once they were open they were rather flimsy and transparent which really washed out the black spots. So I added a second bag inside for better color and more durability.

Once I finished the bags, I filled them and made a cute tag for the front, added a large eyelet and put some twine through it to attach it to the bag. The bags were tied shut with some calico type fabric I had. I just snipped at the top of the fabric then ripped down the strip to give me an unfinished, raw edge.

I just loved the finished product!

Okay, so now you may be wondering what is inside these little bags.... Well, that was half the fun too! I decided to put a bunch of Western and Camp themed snacks inside. Here is what I came up with:

In case you can't see everything clearly, here is what is inside: Fish Bait (Gummy Worms), Moose Droppings (whoppers), Smores (a mixture of Golden Grahms, Mini Marshmallows, and Milk Chocolate Chips), First Aid Kit (a bandaid and 2 kisses for their boo boos), Fire Logs (tootsie rolls), Lassos (rope type licorice), Bear Food (BitOHoney), Kindling (pretzel sticks) and a little note from us. Here is a picture of the note I included:

Okay that was camp project #1. Now here is a peek at Camp Project #2.

Mini Camp Journals!!!!!
I made these using my Bind It All! Love that little machine, but it gets me into trouble! Anyhow, I made 18, YES 18! mini camp journals. Each one has a twine lanyard so that the girls can wear them around their necks and take them with them. I don't know exactly what they will do with them... maybe journal, take notes, get their friends to sign them or later add pictures.

Each journal has about 30 pages... I cut the pages using my Dreamkuts Machine (by the makers of Bind It All). I never would have taken on such a project if I did not have that machine. I cut enough for 18 journals in about 35 minutes. AMAZING!
The gingham patterned paper and the red bandana paper is from K and Company. The blue matte in the center is from Close To MY Heart. It has a white core which makes it perfect for sanding and distressing.

I mounted the patterned paper onto 2 chipboard square coasters to create the front and back covers.

Just thought I would share a fun detail. I used my really fine tipped sharp scissors to cut a fringe border on my brown cardstock strip. It gave it a fun fringed leather look. So Western!
Well now you all can see why I haven't posted in AGES! This is what I have been up to! I had so much fun creating these for the girls! I sure hope they love them!
I hope that you all enjoyed seeing them and that they inspired you to create!
Happy Trails!